Temperature Monitoring

Stationary thermometers are of course one way to monitor temperatures, but many temperatures may be monitored at the same time from a remote location with a six position temperature monitor. To do this a data logger with temperature probes may be used to gather data. A great little data logger is the ONSET U12 4 channel data logger.  BUT if real time temperature readings are needed the 6 position temperature monitoring station for $75 is what you need. 


The ports for six temperature probes are located around the perimeter of the 6 position switch to facilitate  the connections. The six numbers correspond to the location where the probes are connected. The monitoring station may also be used to monitor sunlight intensity with addition of the sky eye. The switch positions could be set up to read like this:

Position  1    1st drum temperature
Position  2    2nd drum temperature
Position  3    3rd drum temperature
Position  4    collector temperature
Position  5    ambient temperature  
Position  6    solar flux density

There is a 5mm power jack on the bottom of the temperature monitor that's used to connect to a DC wall wart adapter. The input voltage to the monitor may range from 9VDC to 24VDC.

LM 34 Fahrenheit probes are sold separately.
A solar flux device called the SKY EYE is also available.
The 6 position monitoring station may be attached to a wall near an AC outlet where it's connected to a Wall Wart DC adapter.

The Wall Wart 9 VDC power adapter is needed to power the 6 position temperature monitor.  It does not come with the purchase of the temperature monitor alone, but it is FREE with the purchase of  the 6 position temperature monitor + six LM34 temperature probes.

The temperature probes are $10 each.  They have 6" wire leads, but they may be connected to extension cables 50' long.  I use common telephone extension cables to join the probes to the 6 position monitor. 

SPECIAL OFFER: Six position temperature monitor + six LM34 Fahrenheit temperature probes + 9 VDC Adapter for ....  $135


The SKY EYE is another useful tool that may be connected to the temperature monitor for measuring sunlight intensity. It was originally designed to measure the percentage of the maximum sunlight available, but since this maximum is close to 1 KW/m^2 the sky eye connected to the 6 position temperature monitor may be used to approximate insolation (solar flux) in terms of Watts/m^2. it comes with a 0 ', 10', 25' or 50' extension.

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    Temperature Monitoring Station                                                                                     $75

   Fahrenheit Temperature Probe                                                                                       $10

    Temperature Monitoring Station + 6 probes + 9 VDC adapter                                $135

   Sky Eye  0' extension                                                                                                        $35

    Sky Eye  10' extension                                                                                                     $45

    Sky Eye  25' extension                                                                                                     $55

    Sky Eye  50' extension                                                                                                     $65

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