Solar Politics for a Small Planet


Fossil fuel companies become wealthy by raping the earth of it's non renewable resources while those companies in the business of developing and promoting solar alternatives go bankrupt attempting to save our planet. What's wrong?It's possible to supply all the heating and electrical needs of an average household with the wise use of sunlight at a cost competitive with fossil fuel  and nuclear power.


Why than is solar energy not more popular?

The use of solar energy offers a safe, environmentally less destructive technology that can usher in a new era of post-industrial development. Little attention has been paid by current generations of scientist ,  politicians and planers to develop a society that operates in a framework of environmental and social stability. In the mad rush to plunder the earth of it's dwindling supply of non renewable resources, the planners of today's industrial world have forgotten the needs of future generations.

The energy we receive from the sun is our birthright like the air we breath or the water we drink.  Dependence on nonrenewable energy concentrates  such as fossil fuels is no longer necessary. The exploitation of resources and people  for economic growth  is no longer necessary. The absurdities of our current high energy era can only be corrected if  the  gentle politics of change are implemented to bring about a post industrial renaissance. Imagine a social order motivated by love, courage and curiosity rather than hate, fear and greed.  It will take more than a few solar collectors to encourage people to live in harmony and bridge the gap between  technical and social evolution.  "A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step." If you feel strongly about taking that first step there is something you can do. Sign a petition to President Obama urging the necessary research and development in the area of renewable resources. Tax oil more and tax struggling home owners less. Encourage small local businesses that are capable of sustaining a practical economy.

For "Politics of the Solar Age" visit Hazel Henderson




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