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Our oil based, non-renewable-resource economy is on a dead end path. The Reagan/Bush theory of Trickle Down Economics has failed. Bank executives and corporation leaders have taken advantage of unrestrained capitalism to become wealthy beyond comprehension at the expense of the middleclass worker left on the side of the road without health care.
Fortunately we now have Barack Obama and the Apollo Alliance to lead us into a Solar Age of sustained yield productivity based on local farms and small businesses. Barack believes a clean-energy revolution can offer the same opportunities for economic growth as the computer did in the 1990s. Obama has wholeheartedly allied himself to former vice-president Al Gore, who is credited with changing the international debate on global warming with his Inconvenient Truth campaign. Obama also is conscious of the damage done to America 's international reputation by George W Bush's refusal to sign the Kyoto agreement on climate change.

We are facing an economic crisis not seen since the Great Depression and we are also facing a population explosion, global pollution and a runaway global warming. There is a good chance that our grandchildren will be born into a world on the brink of destruction if we don't act now.

The Apollo Alliance wants renewable energy to supply at least 10% of America's electricity within 4 years as well as support solar heating, home insulation and hybrid car development. The economy's meltdown has hurt alternative energy companies by cutting off their access to capital. But many entrepreneurs in the field still see the crisis as an opportunity to stimulate the economy and create jobs. The development, construction and installation of wind farms, solar power plants and home owner solar heating systems are just a few of the opportunities encouraged and supported by the Apollo Alliance. The program promises $500 billion in strategic investments over 10 years to accelerate the clean energy economy, the fastest growing industrial sector in the United States and one of the rare bright spots in the American economy. 

The first four years of the Iraq war cost American tax payers $1 trillion dollars. One trillion dollars could have been used to transform over 2 million energy wasting homes into 2 million energy efficient renewable energy homes. What's wrong with this picture? if the Iraq war is about energy it's a war we have lost and continue to lose..
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