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This page is a gateway for  Do-It-Yourselfers willing to share their solar heating experiences. The emerging field of renewable energy  is now opening the doors of opportunities for adventurous entrepreneurs as well as handy men and home owners. 
Saving natural resources, reversing the process of "global warming", improving air and water quality are just the tip of the iceberg.  High tech photovoltaic applications become more attractive as the cost of power escalates BUT low tech DIY solar thermal projects are practical now. A sustainable economy based on "green collar" work could be a solution to our economic and social problems.




FOR NOW let's forget about saving the:
Ivory-billed Woodpecker
, the Arakan Forest Turtle, the Javan Rhino Cheetah, the Blue Whale, and the Snow Leopard 

Let's focus on saving the bipedal mammalian primates. Most of us have opposable thumbs to grasp tools as well as a pair of feet to take ourselves to work in the morning, but what about our supposedly highly developed brain, our social communication skills, our ability to exchange ideas, our ability to cooperate as well as compete? How about ethics, social norms, aesthetics, culture, art, literature, mythology, religion science and technology. Buckminster Fuller once said "... We have wondered too far from the roots".
Perhaps now would be a good time to rediscover our connection with the our sun.


Our ability to cooperate is what makes us truly human and will eventually lead us into a "Solar Age".
I'd love to go on and on about being a cog in a wheel, sustained yield productivity, and solar politics, but once  started I won't stop. I'll leave these things for you. I just want to see a  few more solar clubs for Do-It-Yourselfers.  Actually I already have an online YAHOO solar heating group with over 1000 members.  You could join  this email forum by clicking the serpentine collector or start your own alternative energy club or group or website... AND I'll put a link to your connection with the sun right here on this page.









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CONTACT  Greenstar delivers solar power, health, education and environmental programs to small villages in the developing world and connects people in those villages, and their traditional culture, to the global community. A new Apollo plan will stimulate the economy and create conditions for sustained long term growth. Just as investments in the space program required the creation of new industries and new products � to smoke detectors, to satellites and cell phones � investing in energy independence will revitalize domestic production and benefit working families.  Radiantec  is dedicated to the advancement of environmentally friendly, energy producing technology. You'll find that our prices are the lowest possible. Our heating systems use under the floor radiant heat. This is the most comfortable and efficient way to use the sun's energy.  In February 2003, a series of joint public energy hearings were held in Far Rockaway, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Over 200 Long Island ratepayers attended these important hearings with over 100 people submitting thoughtful and constructive testimony on what they would like to see in Long Island's energy future. We would like to thank everyone who took time from their busy schedules to attend, and for submitting your opinions and concerns about our Island's energy policies.   Onset manufactures small, battery-powered HOBO� data loggers, weather stations, and Tattletale� logger/controllers for use in indoor, outdoor, and underwater monitoring applications. Innovative product design and high-volume, in-house manufacturing assure affordable, accurate, and reliable data logger performance.

 Solar Bus   The Solar Bus is an educational project, designed to promote awareness about solar energy, alternative fuels like biodiesel and other related issues.The Solar Bus can be seen at many events like music festivals, energy festivals, and conferences in the North East. The Solar Bus also can go to schools to demonstrate solar energy to students.

 WorldWatts Gonzo Gizmos by Simon Quellen Field has written a beautifully illustrated book , Gonzo Gizmos,  with lots of fun solar projects.  Visit his website. I'm sure he'd love to meet you. Whether your interests are do-it-yourself solar power, turnkey installed systems, wind power, micro hydro power, battery backup, backup generators, solar energy science, solar heating and cooling, or solar cooking I'm sure he'll have something for you.

  Solar Water Heaters - Simple, durable, reliable. Experience True Quality Solar water heating systems by Alternate Energy Technologies. Solar systems available worldwide for all building types.

Green Trust Come here to discuss and learn about Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Hydro, & Biofuels), Permaculture, Conservation, Recycling, Organic Gardening, Rain Water Harvesting and Grey Water Recovery, and other methods of living cleanly, efficiently, and leaving lighter footprints on our earth.

Everything Greenhouses, from Aluminum Greenhouse to Winter Greenhouse.
If you can't find what you're looking for here it probably does not exist.



passive-solar-home designs has a great collection of passive solar home design links.

 Green Trust Sustainable and Renewable Energy  is about just that. Lots of information about PV kits, Biodesil kits,generator kits, fuel cell kits and more.  A family based cottage industry that was created in 1998 when it jumped off the corporate treadmill with both feet to pursue our true passions of herbs, massage therapy and aromatherapy. They are remotely located off the power grid in the mysterious San Luis Valley of southern Colorado which is a about an hour north of Taos, NM.  Are you good with your hands and looking for an easy-to-follow project to put together this weekend? Then you're in the right place! We have plenty to keep you busy.

Build it Solar   You must see this one. Plans, tools, and information to help you build solar projects that save money and reduce pollution

Fossil Freedom Lets get serious about energy independence and build a solar powered bio-diesel factory with Patrick Ward. You must see this website. Why just save money on your solar heating bill when you can make money with a solar powered factory? It's time to take the oil companies by the horns and show them what energy competition is all about.



RENEWABLE ENERGY SOLUTIONS: Solar Hot Water, Bio-diesel, Solar Electric / Photovoltaic, & Wind Power 



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