Nature of the Beast

humanAre we free to peruse the dreams of upward mobility and home ownership or are we trapped by genetic markers? Do we only become the food we eat or do the programs we watch program our behavior? Can we control our habits or do they control us?

Actually we are controlled by all these things and more, and we were never created equal as the �Declaration of Independence� would have us believe. We are each born with a set of advantages and disadvantage. The good news is that we do have the ability to steer our own ship, but first we must learn how our ship works before we steer it.
Religious and social traditions are steeped in traditions that often seem unnecessary, but they have been important because they tempered the forces of human evolution� Human children remain closely protected within their family more than any other species. I believe the reason for this has to do with the complex set of skills required to function well within human social boundaries.
It�s natural for children to explore the boundaries of freedom at an early age. The terrible twos are a difficult time for parents and the rebellious teen age years are even more difficult but children soon learn respect is a two way street. If they want respect they must earn it by listening to both peers and parents. Religions organizations preach the importance of honoring mother and father. The Ten Commandments provide guidelines for acceptable social behavior. Churches enforce these commandments by promises of reward or punishments in the next life. This method of tempering sex drives and crimes has worked well in the past but these guidelines are now replaced with government restrictions enforced with punitive actions in this life.

Do you think society could function without traffic lights and police protection, insurance companies, utility companies, manufacturing companies, food processing centers, gas stations and McDonalds? We live the strange world of more is better, but we have to pay the price of living in a world of fear and waste.

Who is the beast? Are you the beast? �Who are you�, asked the caterpillar. � Who are we�, asked me.
I don�t normally don�t ask these kinds of questions or write about them. My writings are normally confined to the science and technology how-to books, but I thought I�d give this a try since I�ve been fascinated with understanding the nature of the beast for some time.
    As a species we have only been around for a few million years� If you want to go way back in time to a period when we were still swinging on trees to stay away from the big cats of South Africa we might go back a little further in time. It all depends on where you decide to draw the line between monkey and man. Oh let�s not forget the women out there or we could just call the BEAST humanity. Us humans are the top of the food chain right now, but we might not be there much longer if we continue to destroy the water under our feet and the air above our heads. Many scientists believe we will be replaced with the cockroach. They have been around for billions of years and it�s believed they could survive much harsher conditions than most animals could endure. Buckminster Fuller has called our home �Spaceship Earth� It has a circumference of about 24,000 miles and weighs about 6.6 sextillion tons. This may seem like more than enough space for 7 billion people, but we should understand that not all areas are capable of supporting human life. Our planet has a molten Iron Nickel core and a surface mostly covered with sea water. We can handle a little more sea water, but will we be able to handle the rise in temperature as the polar ice caps disappear. Meteorologists say more severe storms can be expected as the ocean temperatures rise. All these things may not sound like news to you and even if it were news you might say �There is nothing I can do about it, so why think about it.
Good question� As a matter of fact I believe all questions are good. This is what makes us human. It�s not the ability to walk upright or grasp objects with opposable thumbs or the ability to sweat. It�s the ability to ask questions and understand how things work. At this time in my life I am attempting to understand why I have done so many dumb things during my life. Could it be hormones? Pride, jealousy, lust, impatience or a plethora of other sins or could it just be my inability understand the nature of the beast at an early age. Maybe it has to do with missing the �birds and bees� story. Actually my father tried to explain it to me, but I think he left a few things out like the �Nature of the Beast� Why do teenage boys dwell on sexual fantasies and why do teenage girls fanaticize about having a family and a lasting relationship? What are the driving forces behind human nature?