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Solar Thermal Energy

The term Multi Media, multi media or multimedia or MM can mean different things depending on who makes the show and how it's presented. Power Point presentations are a kind of multi media that requires special software. My full screen shows require no special software. They run directly off the CD drive so there is nothing to install on your computer. Difficult solar thermal concepts are easy to understand with these autorun shows.  The PAUSE button is used to pause the show. Striking the PAUSE key again causes the show to resume. . Striking the ESC key once takes you to the main menu. striking escape again terminates the program.  That's all there is to it! They run on PC computers with standard windows platforms like Windows 98, Windows ME or Windows XP. 

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Solar Thermal Energy CD-ROM is a 169 Meg, eight-part auto-run multimedia show about the past, present and future of the solar energy industry. The eight shows included are: Sunlight Energy, Heat Theory, Greenhouse Effect, Value of Sunlight, Air Heat, Water Heat, Solar Hot Water and Energy Independence.

Just pop it into any personal computer with a windows platform. Watch and here the incredible world of Solar Thermal Energy unfold before your eyes. You may pause the show at any time to work out problems or just think about what's been said. 








Oil Story  CD-ROM is an 87 Meg, eight-part, auto-run multimedia show that takes you on a journey through space and time to the origins, discovery and exploitation of one of our most precious non-renewable resources. Meet Colonel Drake, the founder of the oil industry and follow the madness that surrounds Drake's steel shaft method of drilling. Find out how Hubble and Campbell have predicted the end of our "Age of Oil". 
Explore the possibilities of energy independence.
Be prepared for a world without oil.








Sun Heat CD-ROM is a 107 Meg, six-part, auto-run multi- media CD-ROM multimedia experience that I include with all my hard copy book purchases.  The nature of solar energy is explored and quantified. After viewing and listening to this CD-ROM you'll be able to calculate the energy that falls on your roof. You'll also have the comprehensive tools needed to design a practical energy independent house. I use this show in my High School presentations.








Solar Basics CD-ROM is a 145 Meg, six-part, auto-run multi- media CD-ROM multimedia show geared for a general audience attempting to understand what all the fuss about solar energy is about. A 10 minute introduction called SunEarth sets the mood. After that you'll have these eight shows to choose from: Sun Connection, Heat Theory, Solar Thermal Power, Sunlight Value, Solar Inventions, Solar Hot Water, Heat Loss Calculations, and The Solar Thermal Roof.








Solar Plumbing CD-ROM is an 84 Meg six-part, full screen, multi-media show that explores a variety of solar plumbing systems. Plumbing details are explored and animated in a comprehensive manner. Advantages and disadvantages of each system are discussed and demonstrated. These systems include the batch heater, the thermo siphoning- batch heater, the drain- down system, the trickle-down system, the drain- back system and the closed-loop system. An overview of collecting and storing heat is also presented.


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OIL SRORY                                     CD-ROM    $20
SUN HEAT                                      CD-ROM    $20
SOLAR BASICS                             CD-ROM    $20
SOLAR PLUMBING                       CD-ROM    $20

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