Differential Thermostat KIT



The ONE Indicator Basic Differential Controller is the same as Basic Differential Controller with TWO indicators except it does not have a heat indicator lamp. This is also known as a differential thermostatic controller. This is the simplest, least expensive differential controller kit that I make. The  AC/DC controller is my most expensive, deluxe, fully assembled controller.



This Basic Differential Controller is easy to build from a schematic and even easier to build with a KIT containing all the parts and a set of instructions. The quarter is not part of the KIT and you'll have to supply your own solder, but I'll throw in a set of thermistors, 4 mounting screws, 4 standoffs and free shipping for $55. If you're going to drive an AC pump you'll need a tiny DC wall transformer to power the controller. I do have have wall transformers but if you have a little 9 Volt or 12 VDC wall transformer laying around you're all set. Here is basically what you get with the basic differential controller:    




When mounted the Basic Differential Controller would appear as illustrated above. 

     Basic Differential Controller Kit  2 LED + probes    FREE SHIPPING                                  $65

    Basic Differential Controller assembled + probes    FREE SHIPPING                                 $85

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