Installing Solar Panels

ground mount wood
 wood frame

A  wooden support frame might look like before the rails are installed.

An alternative to the ground mount would be the SHED MOUNT. The cost of the materials and the the amount of work involved would be about the same and the shed could be a valuable area to store tools.

Lets take a close loolk at the shed mounted PV system below. This is actually a roof mounted system BUT the user has the choice of orienting the panels.

 solar wood shed

This is a 15'x15'wood shed with twenty 220 watt PV panels. At peak sunlight thes array would generate over 4kWatts. This sun roof wood shed is in the twilight zone between a roof mount and a ground mount. What do you think?

A 4K PV powered array could easily save the user over $1000/yr in most USA locations.

In addition to energy savingsd consider the value of the 225 sq.ft storage space


 ground mount kit

This ground mount kit comes with everything you'll need to assemble an array of PV panels. It comes with posts and mounting plates and mounting rails and some additional supports.

This greatly simplifies a ground mount project.


Are you getting the idea of what's involved with this type of pv installation?



solar hardware