Obama and Energy

Are we running out of energy?
Are the days of cheap oil over? 
Will Obama provide tax incentives that favor a green economy?
 incentives that encourage the development of practical solar applications?  

We are at a cross roads in human history. One fork leads us down a dead end path and the other leads us toward energy independence. We can promote energy independence, or we can be controlled by the businesses that control energy.

In the mid 1980�s the solar energy industry was brought down to almost nothing as the Reagan administration killed all the tax incentives that were then fueling the solar sector. Will congress restore the tax breaks? Only time will tell. Even if they do, it will take a huge effort to move them away from their corporate sponsors toward the less corporate renewables. We can no longer depend on an a government controlled by large corporations to lead us into a sustainable economy. The renewable energy industry must stand on it�s own without the kind of subsidies given to coal and oil corporations. LISTEN

Will the solar energy sector be able to weather the recession as more people look for ways to save money?  For the long term, I am sure solar, wind and other renewable energy businesses will survive as they become competitive with fossil fuels industries but will they flourish in time to bring about peace and prosperity and harmony to a species in it�s eleventh hour.  Listen to what Leonardo DiCaprio has to say about the eleventh hour...  




Our next US president will build a social order from the ashes of the Bush administration. Layoffs, foreclosures, and an ongoing Recession will make the job of governing difficult.  We�ll need green collar work to build a sustainable economy and declare energy independence. Some would say that desperate times require desperate measures but I say creativity is called for now more than ever. Our dependence on oil and big business and big government have made us weak. It�s time to stop living in fear and let Home Land Security go home. Terrorism is not our biggest problem. Fear of terrorism is. Earth is just a tiny space ship and we are consuming the oxygen faster than our ship can replenish it. We need to stand up for energy independence and take responsibility for the space we occupy.


Congressman Steve Israel speaks about 
the future of a possible "green economy"


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