MTD Affiliate Program

"Going Green" and making a better connection with the nature is an important step away from an oil based economy and towards a sun based way of life. Our tiny planet's natural resources are rapidly disappearing while the air we breathe and the water we drink are becoming toxic. Most people want to go green but they are shackled to the convenience of oil and are reluctant to make long range solar investments.

Now we can "go green" and make some green in the process by building and installing our own solar heating and DHW system and by selling MTD collector kits. A single collector will not have much of an impact on the energy crisis's, but learning how to build low cost, practical solar applications, from commonly available materials, could have a profound positive effect on our environment and our economy.  An MTD solar collector kit along with the MTD construction guide + videos facilitates the hands on learning experience needed to build Modified Trickle Down solar heating systems and now you have the opportunity to sell MTD kits from your home computer.