Green Train

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The transition from an unsustainable oil based economy to a sustainable sun based economy will not be easy. The value of our planet as well as the existence of future generations depend on the decisions we make today.  The price of oil is increasing and the price of food is not far behind. Property taxes are on the rise again and so is inflation. About the only thing not on the rise is employment. Drilling our way out of this recession has never worked before and it will not work in the future. So what will work?

The quality of our lives and the value of our planet we live on will only improve when we respect the earth under our feet and the sky above our heads. We must conserve natural resources by living in green solar-buildings, and by driving energy efficient cars and by recycling. The success of a Green Economy depends on the individual efforts as well as the efforts of local communities meeting the needs of its citizens through the responsible, local production and exchange of goods and services. Our dependence on the Pied Piper of big business and big government has brought us down a dead end path, and now it's time to face the Piper and say and just say NO. Get your ticket to ride on the green train for free and become part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

The price of oil is on the rise again. Here on Long Island the price of regular gas at the pump is over $3.60 /gallon, and this is low compared to what other countries are paying.  As of March 1st crude oil was trading for $100/ barrel and it�s expected to reach $200/ barrel by 2015. The social unrest in Libya and Saudi Arabia are pouring more fuel on the fire as non-renewables are consumed at an ever-increasing rate. The population explosion in developing countries also increases the demand for oil, but we must now ask ourselves how much are we willing to pay for our addiction to energy concentrates. Do we have alternatives?

Yes I think we do. As a matter of fact we have so many alternatives that it�s difficult to choose. Fortunately the GREEN TRAIN is here to help us get started and I hope you are here to give the green train the push it needs.
How do we go green in a world cluttered with shopping carts and telephone poles and automobiles and ticky-tacky houses? What�s left of the American dream after the bank forecloses and property taxes and fuel prices and unemployment?


I always believed that a person�s house should be his or her castle. In other words the energy to heat and power a household should come from the household.  Many homeowners accumulate enough combustible waste to heat their homes. Milk cartons, cereal boxes, shopping bags, junk mail and other waste products can be burned as clean as #2 fuel under high temperature conditions and the pot ash that�s left over can be mixed with compost to revitalize soil. 

Heating a house with junk mail may seem a bit absurd but if enough people do it snail mail advertisers may eventually get the message and stop sending it.
But what will we do without junk mail and all the other unnecessary debris that follow us around?
How will we heat our homes?
Will we crawl back to BP or Exxon or Chevron?
How will we keep our toes warm at night?
How can we become less dependent on large corporations and corrupt governments? 

To take control of our own lives we need to become leaders and stop following the Pied Piper down a dead end path. We need to develop a confidence in our abilities and we need to form a more direct connection with the energy from the universe. I won�t be able to take you all the way to the Promised Land but with a little help from my friends I can get you started on a journey towards energy independence. There will be many stops along the way and a wonderful green world to explore and I don�t want you to miss any of it.  I�m looking forward to learning as much from you as I hope you will learn from me. The train will  leaving the station soon so grab your free ticket now for the adventure of a lifetime and subscribe today.