What is Green Energy?

Green is the color of chlorophyll and red is the color of Heme. Both these naturally occurring organic compounds belong to a class of chemicals known as Porphyrins that are sometimes called chelates. They form heterocyclic claw like rings that attach to metallic ions. Perhaps you have heard the term chelation therapy. This is where the term comes from. The Chlorophyll chelate holds a magnesium ion and the Heme chelate holds an iron ion. They are both very sensitive to light but only chlorophyll responds to light by bringing water and carbon dioxide together to form chemical energy in the form of sugar. Chlorophyll is used by plants to make chemical energy and hemoglobin is used by animals to burn chemical energy. We use the color green to symbolize the connection between sunlight and life.

Renewable energy systems are a form of green energy. They are generally broken down into categories like solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass, but all renewable energies come directly from sunlight. Oil and coal energies also originated from sunlight, but we don�t consider these renewable energy sources since they take millions of years to form from the decayed remains of microorganisms..

Dependence on green energy is less destructive to our environment than our dependence on foreign oil shipments. Of course every form of energy will produce some pollution byproducts, but green energy products and services are designed to minimize this problem. A worldwide recognition and use of green energy systems reduces greenhouse gasses and extends the life expectancy of our planet. Residential solar collectors used to supply heat and hot water reduces the shipping expense of chemical energies and residential PV solar panels reduce demands on the power grid. With a sufficient battery backup a grid connection may not even be necessary. Just think how nice it would be to do away with all those unsightly wires connected to a meter box on the side of your house. 


Green energy technologies are constantly evolving and the best investment decisions for a consumer will depend on personal factors such as: climate, land, type of house and financial situation. The characteristics of a good energy efficient building include a way to stay cool in the summer without air-condoning assistance and a way to stay warm in the winter without burning fossil fuels. The building should be well insulated and make use of active and passive solar heating applications. 

Retrofitting an old house is an option but ideal energy independent solar homes are challenging to retrofit. By using renewable energies we add value to our homes, our lives and our environment. The supply of non-renewables is disappearing so fast that we need to learn better ways of conserving energy and better ways of building houses.

The "Alaskan Pipeline" created many temporary  jobs, but these jobs are gone, and the destruction to the environment remains as a reminder of the problems associated with unrestrained capitalism. After the oil embargo of the 1970�s the United Stated decided to become more dependent on fossil fuels rather than invest in the renewable energy industry as President Jimmy_Carter had suggested. We are now paying for this narrow minded decision that involved the construction of the Alaskan pipeline. China and Japan and other countries now have renewable energies technologies that we could have been working on for the last 40 years. 

Green Energy is more than a method of supplementing our income or keeping warm at night. It�s more than a windmill on the top of a hill or a house roof covered with solar panels. It�s a direct connection with the energy we need to lead a productive joyful life. There is green energy power and green energy heat and there is also an internal green energy. This is the energy needed to live in harmony with an ever-changing world. As human beings we have the technology needed to restore our connection with nature and still enjoy the amenities we expect. The information and resources needed to become a Green Person are readily available. Our social transformation into a green energy economy will take time but we can speed up the process by mastering renewable energy concepts.

Home made solar collectors and home made solar heating systems may be used to harvest green energy from sunlight. These cost-effective applications compete with big business monopolies and create a sustainable economy in the process. In the words of the 4th Century philosopher Laozi �a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.�

Think big like the sun is big, and plan on taking the first of many steps. Green energy is the way of the future. It has taken the human race thousands of years to accumulate the social and environmental problems we are now faced with. As Buckminster_Fuller once said "we have wondered too far from the roots" The green path back home may take a little time, but it will be well worth the effort. 99% of the information supplied by my website is FREE, but I do sell some information that is difficult to communicate. The money I collect from the sales of my books and other products allow me the time to develop DIY projects and produce solar energy videos. 

A set of these DIY solar collectors, a pump, a heat storage vault and a differential controller are all you need to get started on your journey towards energy independence. 



Universal Differential Controller


The above two items are some of my DIY products, but there are many other alternatives able to bring you closer to the sun. 


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