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Why are we avoiding alternative energies?

It’s a vicious cycle with no end in site. The environment suffers and taxpayers are stiffed with the bill brought on by unrestrained, capitalistic monopolies. Our addiction to oil is as real as any addiction to Heroine or Oxycodone. Bad habits die-hard and the stress of an unstable economy augments the difficulty of change. 

Is the transition into a greener way of living possible?
Can additional insulation pay for itself in a season?
Will property values drop if solar collectors are installed?
Do solar hot water systems actually work?
Are DIY solar applications cost effective?
Are renewable-energy job opportunities increasing or decreasing?

What if I told you that change is possible and I told you I have information that will cut your energy bills in half and possibly eliminate them all together.

What if I told you how to free yourself from the 9 to 5 drudgery and avoid foreclosure?

What if I showed you how to earn money in a respectable green profession far from the smog filled metropolis of the dog eat dog world?

What’s the value of a stress free lifestyle that’s beneficial and grounded in a low tax, high-income profession?

Many people would gladly pay $100,000 for an escape plan like this.

How does $1,000 sound for 10 years of research in the field of renewable-energy and sustainable energy?

How does  FREE sound?

Actually I don’t expect anyone except Green People to invest in the unknown. Besides my best information is FREE and you are invited to contribute by submitting an article. If your article is well written and helpful I will publish it in an appropriate locations and give you a link. FREE information… FREE links… What could be better?


Complete project articles should be about:


1.    DIY solar hot water

2.    DIY solar home heating

3.    DIY solar heat storage

4.    DIY solar heated pools

5.    DIY solar controllers

6.    PV innovations.

7.    Organic gardening

8.    Sustainable living



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