How to Go Green


We have wondered too far from the roots and our present path is no longer sustainable so we are now on the endangered species list and we will remain there until we learn how to make better use of natural green energy. Are you listless and out of sorts? Economy got you down? Do you have a job? Do you like your job? Did you lose your job? Did you lose your house? Is just surviving from day to day is hard enough?  How can a person go green when life is so difficult?

I go green, say Quiet Mountain. 

“BUT how can a white man go green”?

HOW to be green”? You green it that how. White face learn sustainable living. get energy from sun. live in green solar house, recycle trash. Indian live in wood and sleep in tent, but white face stay in green house day and night. Keep earth safe.


Green Rules for Paleface

       1. Respect mother earth. Walk more. Ride less.

       2 . Eat only what grow from ground.

       3. Eat not fellow animal.

        4. Consume less. Use better what have.

        5. Recycle broken tools to earth.

        6. Use energy from father sun wisely.

        7. Live in greenhouse. Keep world safe.

        8. Put down fire stick. Keep air clean.

        9. Keep earth clean and water stay clear.

        10, Be kind to brother and brother be kind to you.

Translation Rules for Paleface


1. Eliminate Electric Vampires. Use a power strip for all appliances that do not need to be on all the time like: computers, monitors, printers and other appliances. Even when these appliances are in standby mode they consume power.

2. Use Energy Star appliances that often use half the energy of older appliances.

3. Use Compact_fluorescent_lamps (CFLs)  or  LEDs for lighting. They last longer and only use a fraction of the electricity of incandescent bulbs.

4. Install a programmable thermostat. Turn your thermostat down at night. Use blankets to stay warm.

5. Use fans instead of air conditioners for cooling and reduce your electric.

6. Leak-proof Your House and Save  Air infiltration is a major source of heat losses,. Weatherize all doors and windows.   

7.  Install thermo pane windows and thermo pane storm windows   Make Windows More Efficient, save heat and save money. Heat loss through single pane glass is very high

8. . Add Insulation to your attic first. This is where most of the heat is lost.

9. Save Money on Water  Shower with a friend.  

10. Money Does Grow on Trees  Planting shade trees around your home reduces exposure to sunlight and lowers your cooling bill.


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