Green Solar Recycling


        Our landfills are rapidly filling up with materials that should be recycled and made into renewable-energy, applications. The polyester felt materials used inside MTD solar collectors are made from recycled soda bottles. Plastic drums can be used to store solar heated water.  The dawn of a solar age is finally becoming a reality. Our social evolution is a slow process, but "the times they are a changing". We stand before a mountain of waste caused by: Corporate greed, corrupt government, price fixing, stock market scandals, media manipulation, tax loopholes with businesses to big to fail and unrestrained exploitation of non renewable resources. Going green means more than keeping our lawns trimmed.   

Most people live from day to day and follow the path of least resistance. We are like cattle in a feedlot waiting for the hammer to come down. As long as we respond to the prod and continue chasing the carrot we’ll never have purpose or direction. Buckminster Fuller reminds us how difficult it is to control of own destiny. To better understand the dilemma of our situation Mr. Fuller recommends that we stand on the moon and look back at the swirling clouds on our tiny blue green planet. The once dark green patches in the Amazon, Africa and USA are now a light brown color. The ice caps are smaller and brown streak across the Gulf coast waters still remain. The good news is that all this can change, if we learn the value of recycling, get involved with renewable solar energy applications and go green.  

 “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Some items have double or triple their initial value if they are reused to save resources or save energy or perhaps generate value. Old habits die-hard and braking with tradition is difficult, but now is the time to:  “follow the path less traveled” as Henry David Thoreau once said. Of course the transition from total dependence on big government and big business will not take place over night. Social evolution is a slow process, but we can at least start taking steps in the right direction and feel good about being on the right path. 

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:



·        Support local business

·        Find local work

·        Barter

·        Grow your own food

·        Recycle

·       Go Green  and invest in sustainability with a:


MTD Solar Collector    &    Differential Controller