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The green energy revolution is knocking on our door and we can answer the door by answering a quiz. We are rapidly approaching the end of an Oil based economy.. Human evolution has been divided into eras according to the resources we have used.  The end of an era marked by dependence on finite energy has arrived. We must now find alternatives or face extinction. The Stone Age is a broad prehistoric period during which stones were used in the manufacture of implements with a sharp edges. The Stone Age lasted roughly 2.5 million years, and ended around 3000 BC at which time metals became important. The Copper Age, and the Age of Bronze, and the Age if Iron followed the Stone Age and some people would argue that we are now in the metal age of Silicone since internet technology and photovoltaic applications depend on this metal. Other people would argue that we live in the Age of Oil since the wheels of civilization run on the energy from oil. 

Unfortunately we have consumed more than half our planets limited supply in the last 100 years and our world population is still growing and demanding more. Of course we have alternatives to capitalistic greed and we do have the ability to live in harmony with nature. All we need to do is get "back to the roots"... as Buckminster Fuller would say. Here's how: 

We can learn how to be  green_people. Would you like to help? If you have a green quiz idea and you'd like to share it with the world send it to me as an MS Word file. If it looks good I'll  publish it and give you credit and maybe make you an official green person. You could also make suggestions for or comment on any quizzes that become available. This is only the beginning. A solar_age is just around the corner.



Take this quiz and tell me what you think...

If you score 100% on this quiz I'll send you the Oil Story CD at no cost.. USA only while supplies last.

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