The first MTD Collector
April 2007


I didn't expect much since all I was using was a screen sandwiched between two clear polyethylene films as well as clear polyethylene glazing. I was mostly interested in the uniformity of water flowing between the screen sandwich. The flow looked good and the heat harvest seemed reasonable considering there was no attempt made to apply a dark inner film. 

Anyhow to make a long story even longer I used a cheapo bilge pump to pump water from a bucket to the top trickle down PVC pipe with the holes in it. In this picture you see Mel holding up the top glazing flap



Anyhow, I decided to do some heavy duty testing on March 11,2007 by using a 3 ml black plastic construction bag to convert the sunlight to heat.

I used Kalwall (clear fiberglass reinforced plastic) for the outer glazing. The Kalwall is not seen here.


The cross supports made from 3/4 inch PVC were only intended to hold the black inner plastic in place. The test fixture was left in bright sunlight for an hour before pumping water to the top trickle pipe. During this one hour interval I had a melt down. The inner plastic film puckered and the PVC cross supports got as soft as silly putty and became distorted under the heat. By the time I switched the pump on it was too late

 Got a few more experiments in to run before before putting this mess on the side of the road, but I haven't given up yet. ......keep on trucking Don't you hate it when the sun is out and your test fixture melts.

There is plenty of heat. I only wish the collector would stop melting. Don't let this happen to you. There is a better way. After 4 years of R&D Richard Heiliger and I solved the riddle of cost effective, practical solar heating.  Here is  Richard's solar roof.  This is called MTD solar heating. The trick is to stay away from polyethylene and PVC inside your collectors. These materials melt at 180*F.


What a mess!!

Fortunately we learn from our istakes.
Check out the new and improved MTD Solar Heating
The video below demonstrates an improved MTD system that  Mike Awerbush, from South Africa,  helped me put together for an energy fair 2009.


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